Homewreckr knows how to get the hooks in. Combining heavy riffs and driving rhythms with soaring melodies and evocative lyrics, Homewreckr bridges worlds and blends genres from hard rock to heavy metal. Homewreckr's diverse and well-crafted songs adeptly transition from powerful grooves to sparkling arpeggios while seamlessly integrating aggressive vocals and transcendent harmonies. The Homewreckr sound ensnares audiences from the opening measures, as new listeners find their heads banging in unison with seasoned Homewreckr fans whenever and wherever this band takes the stage.

Founded in 2010, Homewreckr hails from the city of Clarkston, Washington, USA. After several years of honing their performance skills and developing original music that suited their unique sound, vocalist Kevin Black, ex-guitarist Alexander Black, ex-drummer Brett Gile and ex-bassist David Delva entered Amplified Wax Recording Studios in Spokane, WA, in March of 2015 to record the band’s debut EP, The Wreckning.

Released on June 27th of 2015, The Wreckning captured the distilled result of five years of dedication to excellence in a single controlled detonation of creativity. In less than 24 hours over a single weekend, Homewreckr poured all of the energy and power of their electrifying live performances into every single track of the Wreckning.

With finished tracks in hand, Homewreckr set out to raise funds for the publication and release of The Wreckning. Through an online crowdfunding campaign, Homewreckr raised over $6000.00 from a dedicated fanbase developed over years of live performances. Collaborating with concert photographers and professional illustrators from the film and comics industries, Homewreckr produced a slick and professional package for the EP that reflected the attitude of the songs.

The band returned to Amplified Wax studios in Spokane,WA in January of 2016, recording all-new material that further refines and builds on the foundations of their signature sound. Homewreckr released a new single “Hold the Line” New Year’s Day 2017 and plans to release their second EP by the end of summer 2017 containing 4 previously unreleased tracks.

In January 2017 guitarist Alex Black and drummer Brett Gile left the band to pursue other musical endeavors. After a lengthy audition cycle, T.Howl was chosen on drums and Max Castle on bass. Ex-bassist Dave Delva switched to playing lead guitar. With a new breath of air Homewreckr looks to push to the next level of original material and live performances alike. The band looks to start working on the next musical release in the second half of 2017 and back to studio for 2018.